About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate data-driven predictions that influence intent to regulate consumer behaviour

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create smarter conversion of consumers using data driven technologies





Redefining target Marketing

We are altering the rules for intent marketing, creating more enhanced comparison website platforms such as BestValued, that drive high intent customers to converge with leading brands in the industry

Our Expertise

We are experts in targeting customers that have high intent using our data-driven artificial intelligence technology which helps them in making decisions and build brand preferences that deliver high ROI for our leading brand partners.

Consumer capture

We use multiple promotional channels to attract customers to build brand preferences toward our partner brands. Our team of experts for search advertising help in driving enormous traffic by dominating the search positions and assist potential customers in making informed decisions.

Dominating global conversion marketing using Data Driven Technologies

Deep brain uses its own patent pending algorithms that assists in behavioural targeting of customers that creates personalized experience in over 5 countries making it easier for merchants to introduce their products in international markets while enhancing their sales

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