We Influence consumer preferences using Data Driven algorithms

We specialize in driving high quality customers using data-driven algorithms that help in curation of product listings that build brand preferences and assist consumers to make informed decisions that help our partners boost sales.

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93% of ...consumer’s buying behaviour is influenced with reviews and listing
860 Million people search for the ‘Best’ Products for any category
79% of the people visit at least 4-5 review websites due to brand uncertainty

High Intent conversions

Our search engine experts drive High quality leads that have high intent using data driven AI behavioural targeting which enhances the chance of consumer making decisions faster and seamlessly

Brand preference building

Our assistive shopping platforms help customers to gain confidence in the merchant’s brand which builds brand consideration, creating higher ROI and customer retention for our partners.

In-depth Industry knowledge

DeepBrain uses a tremendous amount of high quality historic data and deep industry experience, which helps in making the right moves for our partners' growth. We also have a large team of industry research experts with deep product knowledge, who assist in targeting high quality leads.

High Quality informative comparison on Products

Our comparison platform such as BestValued, provides essential product information and features that allow consumers to make informed decisions and boost our partner sales effectively.

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Search Advertising Dominance

Our search engine experts make sure we dominate the search results positions to drive high quality consumers

Behavioral consumer Targeting

Our promotions are based on our Machine learning algorithms that uses data to target consumers interests resulting in attracting high intent

Generating High Organic Traffic

We generate high organic traffic by creating relevant content, social presence and branding that bring high quality prospects that are easily converted.

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