At DeepBrain, our mission is to create digital platforms that enhance customer’s shopping experience and assist them in making informed decisions by building brand preferences. We aim to achieve this by adhering to our core beliefs of our brand’s foundation.

BestValued is a leading product comparison website that has product listings in over 30 categories. The website is linked to data-driven technologies that curate the best products in multiple categories that are regularly optimized. BestValued provides the essential features of multiple products that allows shoppers to compare and make seamless decisions, having numerous subcategories that have been shortlisted helps consumers make better decisions for different needs. is a data-driven platform that uses proprietary algorithms to analyze product descriptions and features customer reviews, price comparisons, and provide deep insights into top brands available in the market. We help you decide on the best products through prominent and consistently updated customer reviews.

We are backed by robust data-driven algorithms that churn through reviews and data to present it to consumers so that they can form a strong opinion about the product. is a one-stop platform for consumers with the essential information and aspects they have to be aware of before buying products to meet their requirements. We evaluate the products on various criteria, including quality, reliability, cost, user-friendliness, critic reviews, and user experiences.


Courseroot is an online learning platform that brings all online learning resourses and platforms together in an organized manner. Courseroot is a non-profit platform that currently has over 80,000 online courses that are regularly added and updated. Courseroot is aimed at giving access to the best affordable education to anyone anywhere regardless of their learning capabilities

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